I DID that!
— Anonymous 9 year old

At Playful Content, the focus is on passion.  Passion for learning, for self-discovery, for science and creativity, and for connection.

I am motivated by the joy of discovery and learning - that 8 year old inside of all of us who gets delighted at the wonders of the world; and of themselves.

I look for those moments of pure discovery: the first time a child sees their own hair through a microscope; that moment when a grandmother gets thrilled by their granddaughter's engineering robot; the collective gasp of an audience thrilled by a chemical reaction.

I love to create those opportunities for growth - with communities, with colleagues, with clients, with individuals.  I look for those projects and teams that revel in capacity building - I love helping others grow their capacities as I also grow my own.

I look for those moments when the cry of "I DID that" is one of delighted self-discovery - whether it is a 9 year old building a bridge, or a 35 year old professional developing a new community engagement strategy.

Generating electricity through dancing, Courtesy TELUS Spark

Banner image: Early Learner's Playspace, Fish Creek Library